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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2141 – Poor Memory good knotty
Aiding his pig-like brain, Very long Zhaotian escaped returning to the camp.
Seeing the boss, Very long Zhaotian made use of a m.you.f.fled sound to make a complaint tearfully, “Boss! Leader! You need to seek justice in my opinion!”
… Prolonged Zhaotian, why do you develop into a pig’s travel right after not observing for some time? Not forgetting, you have quite the possible as a pig’s head.”
When Ye Yuan came into the Dragon Vision Cave, he was merely a preliminary-point Seventh Firmament A fact G.o.d.
Lengthy Xun came when he read that. Viewing Very long Zhaotian, he laughed loudly and said, “Pighead Tian, you have been already beaten to a pig’s top of your head. Are you currently still being forgetful?”
“Your Excellency is mighty! Your Excellency is mighty!”
Outside Prolonged Xun’s camp out, Long Zhaotian shouted ,”Human brat! My superior will be here, so hurry up and are available along to die!”
Long Xun’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Lengthy Xiaochun and might not help revealing a major appearance.
… pounding who into a pig’s brain? Obviously it is winning over someone to a pig’s top of your head! You, merely a Eighth Firmament Real G.o.d, dare to be so arrogant! Right now, I really want you to struggle to tolerate the outcomes of disappointment!”
Section 2141: Weak Recollection
She intended on personally planning to have a look.
They were all clear about Long Zhaotian’s strength, it had been also a level tougher than Long Xun.
Only then do Longer Zhaotian’s sadness go to joy as he reported, “Boss, it’s not that I, Longer Zhaotian, cannot cause it to, but that Extended Xun also discovered a manager from not a clue where. His durability is way too robust, I am not really a go with whatsoever!”
Longer Zhaotian reported with a bitter facial area, “B-Boss, I … I only grew to become in this way because I found myself undertaking errands in your case!”
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with Manager making a switch, that number of grandsons is sure to pass away very unhappy! Boss, you need to operate for me personally and overcome that punk rock to a pig’s top of your head!”
The Opera
But he was for instance a baby ahead of Ye Yuan, without the strength to combat back by any means.
These were all very clear about Long Zhaotian’s sturdiness, it had been even a notch more robust than Very long Xun.
When Ye Yuan came into the Dragon Eye Cave, he was merely a primary-point Seventh Firmament Real G.o.d.
Chapter 2141: Weak Storage
Viewing Ye Yuan, Prolonged Xiaochun’s pupils could not aid constricting, her face exposing an expression similar to getting relieved of any hefty stress.
Prolonged Zhaotian were built with a smug seem and explained with a frosty look, “Long Xun, you wouldn’t believe that your Eighth Firmament True G.o.d may still deal with an Empyrean giant, ideal? The time Lord Xiaochun tends to make her switch, that manager of yours will immediately use minced meat! This father of yours acquired stated well before, suggesting that you surrender previously, but you wouldn’t take note. Nowadays, I will definitely surpass that you a pig’s top of your head! Oh, appropriate, that boss of yours as well!”
… …
Long Xiaochun was mischievous naturally and experienced that as a manager was pretty pleasurable. Hence, she also begun taking great joy in taking part in.
Past the happiness, Very long Xun’s aspect has also been extremely shocked, specially Longer Chun.
Long Zhaotian completely failed to find the strange atmosphere but still laughed loudly because he explained,
Ye Yuan’s two sight narrowed and then he got a step out. One other aspect all shuddered and moved along Pighead Tian and fled like traveling.
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Long Zhaotian claimed gloomily, “Really is not! Their supervisor is often a our, having only an Eighth Firmament Real G.o.d cultivation. But his toughness is outstanding. I didn’t also have durability remaining to retaliate! Fortunately, he didn’t bargain a getting rid of blow. Usually, Tiny Tian probably won’t manage to get back to fulfill Superior.”
A large punch landed on his confront, instantly delivering him flying out.
“Still not scramming? Could it be which you folks all desire to turn into pig heads?”
Sharing Her Crime
External Very long Xun’s camping, Longer Zhaotian shouted ,”Human brat! My superior has arrived, so hurry up and come in the market to expire!”
“Who do you say that you might want to beat to the pig’s top of your head? Appears to be your memory space is extremely inadequate!” Ye Yuan went over relaxing while he explained coolly.

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